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Named after a remote, locals-only, swimming spot in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island, Blue Rocks was created by long time resident Ingrid Martins. In 1992, Blue Rocks began on a per diem basis of a small church kitchen. The space quickly grew to be too small after gaining popularity in the wedding and sailing industry. Blue Rocks has since catered thousands of events for high-level clients as well as intimate private parties.  We are a company that believes in using high quality, seasonal ingredients and local purveyors. After transferring ownership in late 2016, Blue Rocks moved its home to Westerly, Rhode Island.

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Katie Behan
Hometown: Prospect, Connecticut
Last Meal Request: Ninigret Nectar Oysters, Fish Tacos, Lots of Hot Sauce + Really Good Champagne

Cooking and entertaining have been ingrained in me for nearly as long as I can remember, going all the way back to when I was only five years old. I created little menus and brought them to my parents and siblings in the morning, to let them pick out what they wanted for breakfast. Growing up with a big Italian family, we were always celebrating and hosting parties at our house. My sister and I would perfectly set the table for the holidays with mom’s china, and then I would run downstairs to create elaborate antipasto platters with my dad and brother. Meals would last for hours over multiple courses and flowing wine, ending with mom’s biscotti, or my Aunt Donna's cherry walnut cake (and of course espresso with Sambuca). I have the wonderful women in my family to thank for teaching me how to show my love and gratitude through food and that details are everything.


My passion for food led the way toward an education in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University. After I finished my education in Miami, Florida, I managed events for a popular restaurant group. I moved back to New England in 2011, where I landed a job as an event manager at Blue Rocks Catering which I have been the proud owner of since 2016. 

Joel Desrosiers 
Executive Chef 
Hometown: Charlestown, Rhode Island
Last Meal Request: Fenway Frank + a cold beer 

My earliest memories of food began with weekends spent at my grandparents’ house where love sprung from the earth like the fresh herbs grown in their garden. We had multiple pots containing a myriad of plants that brought each meal to life, teaching me the value of fresh ingredients. There were two kitchens, one for breakfast and dessert, the other a more magical place where my grandmother spent most of her time cooking. I have fond recollections of her chasing me around that kitchen with a full spoon of soup saying, “you need to eat more!” In contrast she would then have to kick me and my grandfather out of that kitchen because we were eating too much, and the meal wasn’t ready yet. Only if we promised to wait until the meal was finished would she allow us to sit at the table and observe. From those observations I learned that cooking contained so much more than just the ingredients put together. It was giving people the reason to gather, converse, and connect. These memories are just one of the reasons I pursued an education in the culinary arts.

IMG_9283 (1).heic

Executive Pastry Chef 
Katie Clark 
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut
Last Meal Request: My sisters Carbonara, Caesar Salad, Devils Food Cake w/ Mocha Frosting + a Margarita (side of tums)

Mimi Dowd
Event Manager 
Hometown: Newport, Rhode Island
Last Meal Request: Beef Carpaccio + Ketel One Martini

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